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Read the latest news from Team BBS!
Team BBS is recruiting!

We have a few positions left on our social-minded Counter-Strike: Source team.

Requirements for membership:

- You must be 18 years or older. If you turn 18 in the near future, we will most likely not object.

- Members are chosen after a tryout. No exceptions. However, our tryouts do not advertise themselves as tryouts.

- We only accept members from Denmark.

- Members must accept to pay a small monthly membership fee. This is to cover all expenses to game, voice and webservers.

- A couple of times a year, BBS arranges LANs. All members are expected to have an interest in attending.

We can offer:

- Membership in one of Denmarks older CSS clans - We started in January 2005, and still going strong.

- A friendly team, where all clan decisions are made by democratic vote. - All members get to have their say!

- A Team that focuses in having fun with the game, rather than just winning.

- Planned Counter-Strike: Source Wars several times a week.

- A well managed CS Team - Our website is custom made to handle our communication needs, and is also availiable in a mobile counterpart.

Interested in becomming a member? - Contact us or use the Forums