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Read the latest news from Team BBS!

New BBS Mappack (1.2) ready for download!
24. juli 2007
A new version of our mappack is ready for download. The pack contains all maps currently running in cycle on our gungame server (

The pack can either be downloaded as a RAR archive, or self-extracting EXE: (No longer available)

Changes since version 1.1:
ADDED: gg_bbs_neontowers_v2.bsp
ADDED: gg_war_housev2.bsp
ADDED: gg_simpsons_buzzkill.bsp
ADDED: gg_simpsons_dust.bsp
ADDED: gg_simpsons_green.bsp
REMOVED: gg_bbs_neontowers.bsp
REMOVED: gg_dm_bloodarena3.bsp
REMOVED: gg_fy_snow.bsp
REMOVED: gg_middletower_nitro.bsp
REMOVED: gg_brokenworld_v2.bsp
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